About Hippu and Myttö

About Hippu and Myttö:

Hippu (official name Räntäsään Groovy Girl) is 9 years old beagle who lives with her owners and little sister Myttö in Southern Finland. Hippu loves running, fresh blueberrys and snow. Hippu is a reading dog and works in two different libraries in city of Vantaa.

Myttö (official name Räntäsään Lumienkeli) is little beaglegirl, born in June 2019. She is curious and cheerful beagle. Myttö loves playing with Hippu and she also likes swimming.

About Pimu: 

Pimu (official name Hessin Iines) was born in 3. December 1998. Pimu loved meatballs, sunshine, taking relax and sniffing in the woods. She didin´t like vet and big black dogs. Pimu went to better hunting grounds 25. December 2013.

About Typy:

Typy (official name Hessin Destiny´s Child) was born 25. October 2009. Typy loved swimming, sniffing in the woods, sausages and running. Typy was a reading dog. She didin´t like big black dogs. Typy went to better place 29. September 2018.

From Hippu´s and Myttö´s owner´s:

Many thanks for visiting in Hippu´s and Myttö´s blog.

Unfortunately I'm telling Hippu´s and Myttö´s  adventures only in Finnish but you can send comments in English and I'll get back to You.

Best Regards
Hippu´s and Myttö´s  "human mom"